Club Management Boosted by Data

How can you utilize the information of customers fitness behavior to improve a fitness center?

Know your business, know your customers – see how you can add value

Before you can utilize and manage the information gathered from your business activities, you need to know what you’re doing, and how you create value for your customers.


The goal of fitness centers is to get people moving, so they can live a balanced life without health issues. Different customers groups have different exercise requirements. If the user doesn’t like the exercise, they won’t keep doing it year after year.

Equipment which really make the difference to my customers?

Collecting comprehensive data isn’t always as easy as you might think. It wouldn’t be the first time if the customer complains that they always need to queue to a specific machine and wishes there were two of them, but when you look at the actual usage statistics, it’s a very different picture. And some trainers have a wish list of equipment that they saw at a trade show or online. Is the trainer’s opinion any guarantee that also the customers will like and use the new equipment?

So now we have discovered an important way how fitness centers create value for their customers: gym equipment and exercise space. We also understand that the availability of the equipment affects both the customer experience and the recommendations from existing customers.

We have a reliable method to measure the degree of usage of the equipment. This method helps you to start utilizing the information at the gym, and to LEAD WITH KNOWLEDGE.

Easy to deploy, easy to utilize

Our service makes use of surveillance cameras already installed at most gyms. We use the footage to determine the degree of utilization of the equipment and space. This information is used to calculate the profitability of each piece of equipment. When was the last time you checked the profitability of your gym equipment?

The GymPlus will tell you which equipment is being used, and which not. It encourages you to take action and to start effectively utilizing the information. You can stop with the guesswork and manage your gym with knowledge instead. Make decisions based on facts. For yourself, your customers and your accountant.

Written by Aki Illikainen, CEO & Co-Founder of Indoor Informatics.

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