Different kind of Summer – Kiuas Accelerator


A few weeks ago Indoor got invited to join selection interviews of a startup accelerator. 

We were exited that Aaro and his crew wanted to hear more about GymPlus and other utilization tracking environments we work on.

What made this invitation extra special was the program itself, Kiuas Accelerator.

”Since the birth of Aaltoes’ Summer of Startups in 2010, Kiuas has been supporting over 200 early-stage companies in Finland and the Nordics.

Currently, we run 3 batches a year, helping 50+ startups annually on their journey from an initial idea to first revenue and funding.

All our programs are completely free and zero-equity.”

25+ Programs organized, 200+ Startups supported,
25M€+ Raised by alumni, #1 Accelerator in Finland (2018)

Return On Investment

How new businesses are challenged by everyday life? Can you be sure a value is added to your company when using your limited time on this kind business development programs?

From our own perspective we can declare few of most challenging areas in early days of new business:

  • Feedback
    Sometimes it can be difficult to get user feedback. For example what figures could help the gym owners to understand the utilization better? How user experience can be improved and things like that.
  • Early-stage investments, low cashflow
    In software business you need to invest heavily time and money before you get cashflow running. You also need to do lot of marketing, sales activities and business development on the side.
  • Balance
    Keeping the whole system together ain’t always the easiest job. You shouldn’t focus on just one area instead you should be looking from wide perspective and push all the frontiers forward simultaneously.

All these examples can be critical for new businesses. We honestly believe that in accelerator programs like Kiuas, companies in the same kind of waters. So therefore just getting in touch with those and sharing experiences (good & bad) creates value to our companies. End-customers benefits also when we are able to serve them better.

How Kiuas Accelerator program works?

The program gives the participants a high quality set of services which help running early-stage company. You get 1-on-1 mentoring from over 100 coaches with different backgrounds and specialties. There is a high quality working space where you can meet and share experiences with fellow startups. The space includes reservable meeting rooms, stages, silent spaces and free coffee of course. All available 24/7 with a keycard. A broad network of investors and partners to connect with. At last but definitely not least, all participating companies get access to an exclusive Kiuas toolbox which is up to $300k worth of credits and discounts!


  • WEEKS 1-3 Product-Market fit
    (validation, customer development, market entry)
  • WEEKS 4-6 Growth
    (sales funnel & best practices, growth hacking, marketing and branding)
  • WEEKS 7-9 Scaling and Funding
    (Hiring 101, Scaling and International, Fundraising fundamentals)


123 companies applied. 17 got accepted. 

We are thrilled. Absolutely.

In the early years of new business you need lot of mental power to push forward. You need to have a vision to follow. Without it there is a high chance you will find yourself stepping out of this exiting journey. During the first years you are not going to generate an enormous revenue flows which motive you and your staff. Many times you need to find that motivation somewhere else.

For us, Kiuas Accelerator program is the kind of place.

Written by Aki Illikainen, CEO & Co-Founder of Indoor Informatics.

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