When is it sensible to buy new equipment?
Which equipment to let go and what new ones to get?
Do I make money with what I’ve bought?


In fitness centers financially significant decisions to purchase new equipment are based on information available at the time – the insight into what would be good for both profitability and customers satisfaction has to come out of the opinions of individual customers, personal preferences and recommendations of equipment providers.

With GymPlus© you can make equipment decisions based on broad ranging utilization data and thus maximize the profitability of your investment and make choices that improve customer experience at your gym. In the web-based user interface you can easily see the degree of utilization of all your gym equipment, can apply filters to look at specific equipment or periods of time and compare the use of different equipment.

100K €

The equipment purchases of even a small fitness center can easily amount to 100 000 € emphasizing the criticality of choosing the right equipment.

10 x

A piece of equipment popular among your customers can be ten times more profitable than another one not used by your customers.


According to studies 69 % of customers find queing while training irritating (source). By improving on this experience you can overcome your competitors.

How does it work...


EasyFit Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Versatile Finnish gym and fitness centre with stylish facilities and high-quality, easy-to-use and modern equipment. Interested in to develop the best possible equipment portfolio derived from consumer needs.

Hukka Xpress Rotuaari, Oulu

New 24h Hukka Xpress gym located in the city centre of Oulu. A main goal is to understand customers better and by doing so succeeding well in business.

Hot Gym Kino, Helsinki

A gym, where you can fulfill your dream and be the star of your own workout. Equipment updates coming.

SYKE Satama, Lappeenranta

On the shore of Lake Saimaa you can find an easy-going gym. In this comfortable training atmosphere goals will be achieved. GymPlus is used to find the best possible kit of equipment and to follow how actions will change utilization levels.


Starts at 69€/Mo

Connection: internet connection by the customer onsite is not required.
Equipment: cameras and other equipment are sold separately.
Installation: cameras and other equipment delivered by us come preinstalled.
Warranty: the equipment we supply come with a 1 year warranty.
Pricing: pricing excludes VAT.

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  • Trends (compare your statistics against industry averages)
  • Public utilization levels (e.g. a webpage-based indicator of peak hours)
  • Customer Grouping (gender, age, height…)
  • Smart Notifications (e.g. machine breakdowns)

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