Analyzing Autumn Numbers

Good day everyone,

I hope the fall season has started well, and people have found their ways to the gyms!

For us, this fall has been extremely interesting. We are heading towards international markets with GymPlus. For this reason we also have changed our main communication language to English.

A few weeks back we analyzed all the utilization data collected customer by customer and noticed that there is always room for improvement and optimization.

At first, we focused on the most used equipment. The aim was to figure out the favorite equipment and categories by fitness club. We noted many similar trends across our customers’ fitness clubs, especially in the use of free weights, but it was also quite easy to spot the differences between fitness clubs and in the training habits of the gym users. We noted that by identifying the most used equipment and categories it was easy to make conclusions on the training habits of the gym members.

After identifying the most popular equipment it is easy to understand that value can be added for customers by introducing a second set of those equipment that they want to use. With the available area being fixed adding something means removing something. Thus, the second thing we decided to focus on was the equipment located near to the high utilization equipment. From those areas we wanted to find the least-used equipment which could be then replaced by a popular one. When you can execute these changes, it leads to shorter customer waiting times which gives you higher customer satisfaction and net promoter score.

Only by looking at the data, we were able to produce customer specific optimization suggestions for all of our customers. For the first time ever, we suggested modifications to their equipment portfolios – adding, relocating or even removing specific equipment. We and our customers have recognized that with reliable equipment-level utilization data produced through GymPlus decisions become simpler and more straightforward to validate across the whole equipment portfolio. We have received exciting positive customer feedback on our fall reports including suggestions. This is an indication of the need for action proposals instead of just data.

I wish you all a successful November. Don’t let the rain slow you down 😉

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