How far do New Year’s resolutions get you? (part I/II)

Business Insider reported, that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. This also happens at gymsEnthusiastic people with low-level or no-level knowledge of exercising hit the gym floor after their New Year’s resolutions of getting fit.

What is the experience of stepping into the gym after years have passed or maybe for the first time ever? Finding one’s way around looking lost when everyone else seems to know exactly what they are doing can be a source of embarrassment. Some equipment, like the booty builder and the glute ham developer, look odd and more a circus act than an exercise. Nerves set in with all the settings one has to master for a single piece of equipment.

Finally after looking around or with the help of the staff at the gym one finds the first station. It’s an upright bike. Next to another upright bike. Both occupied. Walking here and there for five minutes will certainly free one of them. With the same repeating at other stations 90 minutes later this potential customer will become one of the 80 percent who won’t succeed with their resolutions.

GymPlus shows us that people are on the move. We see an increase of 10 to 30 percent in equipment utilization and observe that some equipment collect abnormally high number of users. Are stair climbers so great for burning calories or are they just amateur friendly and thus weirdly popular at this time of the year? Free weights are usually very popular at gyms but occupy bottom position in our list. Considering the feelings of self-consciousness and ineptitude that can be associated with starting at the gym it is crucial that the gym can minimize any other adverse experiences – such as waiting around and having one’s exercise routine taking excessively long.


Making it easy for your new customers to keep their New Year’s resolutions starts with you taking a look and optimizing your equipment portfolio to satisfy the demand of your customers.

We wish you a gymtastic year! And won’t leave you hanging – check out part two of this blog post in February to see whether or not people have stuck with their New Year’s resolutions.

Written by Aki Illikainen, CEO & Co-Founder of Indoor Informatics.

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