Silence, a bad sign?

No, not at all.

At least in our current situation it is not definitely a bad sign. We just have had lots of things to do!

We were exhibitors in two different fitness trade shows in row last month. First we participated a Finnish exhibition called Gymtec.

It’s held every second year in Tampere. From there you can find sports and fitness related offering but also products and services for landscaping and maintenance. Therefore it meant that big share of people weren’t actually working in the fitness industry.  I can guarantee that you will fine tune your pitch well when starting the day with 100 cleaning ladies.
I also got an opportunity to introduce trade visitors how our current  customers have benefit from the utilization tracking of equipment and space. You can recap the show from here.
Overall it was a good event for us to attend. We got solid interest from Finnish gym owners and also few calls for quotations. The second day was definitely better than the first one.But then… we took the blue wings to see how do they like us in overseas. It seems, they did.

We found our way to Germany and Cologne. The reason was FIBO 2019 as I told you in my previous post. The event was so much of success for us than anything can be!

First it took us few days to prepare our stand. Luckily we still managed to squeeze some time to visit a couple of local fitness studios on the side.

When the event itself finally started, there were two business days for professionals from the fitness industry and then two days with open house. We were a little bit nervous of the response we might get…

Eventually it turned out more than well!

We had lot of interest around the globe. It was so good to hear that people who are running fitness clubs and gyms in other countries thought they could use the information we provide by GymPlus. So many did see a huge value especially in the fact that we can track use of space too not only equipment.

We thank you all who visited us in Gymtec & FIBO. I’m pretty sure we will meet many of you guys again.

It was great to see so many people who shared the vision of new demand driven way to build and develop indoor sport facilities towards the gym-goers needs.

Since FIBO we have been working hard on getting GymPlus international.

I think we might have fascinating news for you soon 😉

 – extremely happy, a bit tired –

Written by Aki Illikainen, CEO & Co-Founder of Indoor Informatics.

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