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Do you ever feel stretched thin? Even the most efficient gym owners can't be in multiple places at once. That's where we come in.

Maximized ROI


Increased Capacity


Enhanced Retention


Less Security Concerns

Peace of mind


What happens when a member enters your gym is crucial
for your gym's success.


GymPlus provides features to monitor equipment usage and maintenance, helping to ensure optimal equipment availability and performance.

Proven Business Impact

+10% Cashflow


Business Optimization

GymPlus boosts your fitness operation's profitability by making decisions informed by data, from spotting trends in equipment use to keeping tabs on group class attendance.

Read more about our business optimization features, such as portfolio A/B testing.

Member Experience

GymPlus gathers invaluable insights into member behavior and preferences, empowering you to offer personalized experiences, boost engagement, and cement member loyalty.

Read more about our member experience features, such as real-time gym availability.



Equipment Management

Stay ahead of potential equipment breakdowns and maintenance issues with GymPlus' preventative measures. Ensure seamless fitness experiences for your members and maintain optimal gym operations.

Read more about our equipment management features, such as usage time counter.


Marketing Automation

Keep your audience engaged and streamline your promotions with ease. Our Social Media Launcher automates your gym's marketing, expanding your reach to potential customers while minimizing your effort.

Read more about our marketing automation features, such as social media launcher.



Automated Surveillance

GymPlus Ensures your gym is safeguarded, prevent illegal activities, and provides a secure environment for your members and staff with top confidence.

Read more about our security features, such as the tailgating tracker.


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Embrace the revolution and unleash the full potential of your fitness business with GymPlus. Our software is your gym's missing link to elevated success.

Are you prepared to soar?


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