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Cut investment payback time with gym analytics.
Even out peak hours and reduce queuing with gym availability.
Increase members’ feelings of safety with gym security.

200 mil
Minutes analyzed
Cameras active
Equipment tracked


GymPlus by
Indoor Informatics

A cost-efficient utilization tracking service for your gym or fitness club.

Data is gathered from regular security cameras with respect for GDPR.

GymPlus algorithms analyze millions of training minutes monthly displaying you the usage time of different equipment over time.

In comparison to sensors, with GymPlus you are displayed information also on non-equipment zones of your gym, e.g. your stretching zone.

To serve your customers better than competition, you can provide them with availability information on your website helping them to schedule training for quieter moments.

GymPlus data flow


Whats Included?


Security cameras (CCTV)
Remotely monitorable easy-to-use Android / iOS mobile application, local recording, Full HD.

Availability plugin
At the gym’s website assists people to schedule their training away off peak hours.

Utilization tracking
Compare utilization between equipment and zones. Avoid poor investments and increase customer satisfaction.


Boost your social media with automated updates of your gym’s accumulated visitors and equipment usage.

Leverage the 100 million minutes of training data analyzed by GymPlus when planning your next equipment purchase to know what to get.

Follow the most important performance indicators of your gym. Set goals together with your staff and achieve them.

Put your equipment on sale quickly and efficiently by using GymPlus and our partner market platforms.

For Fitness Clubs

Benefits For Gyms

Fitness clubs using GymPlus have witnessed strong growth. Proven results of increased total training visits, evening out peak times and boosting website traffic.

  • Easy installation
  • Excellent cost-benefit ratio
We are here to make the gym better for you

For Members

Benefits For Gym Members

Do you hate queues? Yes, get in line! We all want to get a more effective training in, avoid annoying queuing and feel safe training at our local gym.

  • Less queuing
  • Train safe

Check out an example of the GymPlus availability plugin here.

"This is a good project. This helps to plan my workout time and definitely smooths the peak hours in the gym."

"This would be a very good way to get information about the peak hours at the gym."

"With the help of availability information, I could focus my training time on quieter moments."

"It's a definitely great and helpful idea."

Sounds good?
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We’ve Chosen GymPlus!

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GymPlus - Real-time gym availability and forecasts


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