Can the same cameras be used as security cameras?

Yes. The video feed from the cameras are saved locally to a recorder. The recorder can be accessed via remote connection (on mobile and desktop devices).

How accurate is the counter?

We aim to deliver 90% accuracy on the detection.

How many cameras are needed for my gym?

One camera can usually cover about 100 square meters (about 1000 square feet) of the floor area. Main factor is to have clear enough visibility on all the relevant equipment and areas. Room height, dividing walls, pillars and such will affect the amount of cameras needed.

I entered the gym but the counter on the availability plugin does not go up

The availability plugin has up to a five minute delay on showing a detection due to the time needed for data transfer and data processing.

What does the “Not using Equipment” on the availability plugin mean?

The "Not using Equipment" includes detections which are not inside the preconfigured detection boxes such as those made for the gym equipment, stretching areas and so on.

Will the counter include all the equipment found in my gym?

Yes. However, we plan the positioning and amount of cameras together with our customers. If there is a situation where an additional camera is needed just for one equipment, that can be left out and it will not significantly affect the numbers shown on the availability plugin.