Whats Included?


Utilization of the gym portfolio
By tracking and analyzing equipment usage, gym owners can optimize their gym portfolio to better meet the needs of their members and increase utilization.

A/B testing
A/B testing allows gym owners to compare different variations of their gym layout or equipment offerings to determine which is most effective.

Optimized gym portfolio
Get an optimized gym portfolio based on real equipment usage, utilization trends, market trends, and customer feedback to match the needs of your customer.

Optimization recommendations
By using optimization recommendations and analyzing market trends, gym owners can make informed decisions about the equipment and services they offer, leading to a more effective and successful gym.

Market trends
See the market trends and how your gym compares to your competition based on the actual utilization of the gym.

Access to partner sales
Gym owners can take advantage of special sales and promotions offered by gym partners to offer their members even more value.

Performance summary email
The performance summary email helps gym owners stay up-to-date on the performance of their gym, allowing them to make informed decisions about their business.

Multi Premise optimization & performance
This feature allows gym owners with multiple locations to track and optimize the performance of all their gyms, leading to increased efficiency and success.


Security cameras (CCTV)
Remotely monitorable easy-to-use Android / iOS mobile application, local recording, Full HD.


Real-time availability plugin
This feature allows gym members to quickly check the availability of equipment in real-time, resulting in a better gym experience and increased customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction feedback tool
By gathering feedback from their members, gym owners can understand what their customers are looking for and make improvements to their gym to meet their needs better.


Equipment maintenance alerts
With equipment maintenance alerts, gym owners can stay on top of necessary repairs and maintenance and detect broken equipment, ensuring that equipment is always in good working order.