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About Us

At GymPlus, we are on a mission to revolutionize the fitness industry by empowering fitness managers to optimize operations, elevate member experiences, and unlock unprecedented profitability.

Our Journey

Our story began in the early 2010s when our CEO, Aki, immersed himself in gym operations in Eastern Finland after graduating from LUT University. As a club manager and co-owner, Aki actively participated in concept development, equipment selection, and enhancing the gym member experience.

During this period, Aki grappled with the challenges of selecting and purchasing new gym equipment. His wish for a solution that could track and analyze equipment usage was driven by the difficulty in catering to the unique needs of local gym members.

“...hoping for someone who would have time
to count the number of people using all these machines.”


Aki's five-year tenure in gym operations made him acutely aware of the hectic lives of managers who couldn’t be everywhere at once.


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In 2017, our CTO, Teemu, proposed a solution to these overwhelming demands - what if computers could handle certain operational and informational tasks? This idea, coupled with the significant potential of machine learning for enhancing situational awareness, was enthusiastically received by our third co-founder, Martti.

A successful Proof of Concept test in Lappeenranta solidified our commitment to this vision. Aki's ability to win over five paying customers within a few months with only a couple of PowerPoint slides resulted in the creation of Indoor Informatics and GymPlus in January 2018.

Since then, we've dedicated ourselves to the continuous development of our products, attuned to the unique needs of our esteemed customers. We strongly advocate for shared value, transparent result tracking, and open communication. We believe that all the elements - fitness premises, gym owners, equipment manufacturers, partners, and most importantly, gym members - need to thrive for the puzzle to be complete.

Our ambition to transform fitness and exercise locations into superior hubs of movement and well-being is relentless. With our customer-centric approach fostering enduring relationships, we have a robust customer base, and our journey of innovation continues.

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