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Welcome to the Overview page! Here, you'll get to know about gym software today, discover what makes GymPlus special, and learn how easy it is to start using it in your gym.

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Modern Gym Software Landscape

GymPlus enhances the core offerings of a fitness club. As opposed to gym ERP and gym CRM systems in fitness clubs, GymPlus concentrates on amplifying the value extended to members.

Remember, members don't join a gym solely for operational logistics or routine billing communications - they join for the essential services your gym provides.

That’s where GymPlus comes into play, assisting you in delivering an unparalleled experience to your members.

Persistent Gym Excellence

GymPlus aids gym owners and fitness operators in enhancing their business by gathering data on utilization, sessions, and feedback.

Identify growth areas, improve services and equipment, and track pivotal metrics to affirm the impact.

Repetitively undergo this process for sustained excellence.


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Transform Your Fitness Enterprise: Unlocking Success Secrets

Are you prepared to escalate your fitness business? With GymPlus, you can revolutionize your modus operandi. Our comprehensive platform encapsulates everything required to streamline your business functions, enrich client experience, and keep your equipment and premises in pristine condition.

Learn how to maximize profitability with our cutting-edge tools and attain a competitive advantage in the bustling fitness industry. GymPlus equips you with everything necessary to elevate your fitness business. What are you waiting for?

Free Equipment Consultation

Gain comprehensive insights about your equipment portfolio.

Have complete visibility
of your gym's core service

A robust system for understanding gym value creation effectively combines business optimization, member experience enhancement, and equipment management. It should provide real-time data tracking and analytics to assess key performance indicators, optimize equipment use, and gather member feedback. Additionally, incorporating marketing automation and comprehensive surveillance measures ensures both secure operations and effective promotion, contributing to overall gym profitability and member satisfaction.

GymPlus Features

Business Optimization

Make the most of your operations with GymPlus' advanced tools. Monitor your gym's key performance indicators, receive recommendations for portfolio adjustments, A/B test different equipment setups, and get a grasp on how you fare against your competitors. Our market analytics and online marketplace integration keep your finger on the pulse of the fitness industry.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
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Competitor Comparisons
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Market Analytics
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Online Marketplace Integration
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Portfolio A/B Testing

Member Experience

Create an extraordinary gym experience for your members. Our area and equipment tracking, floor plan heat maps, and gym availability plugins give you insights to optimize your gym space effectively.
Feedback collection ensures your members' voices are heard and their needs are met.


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Area tracking
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Gym Availability Plugin
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Equipment Tracking
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Feedback Collection
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Floor Plan / Heat Map

Equipment Management

Keep your equipment in top-notch condition with GymPlus. Our service management features help streamline maintenance schedules, while breakdown alerts and usage time counters let you predict potential equipment failures, ensuring your gym operates seamlessly.

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Service Management
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Breakdown Alerts
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Usage Time Counters

Marketing Automation

Stay connected with your audience and launch your promotions effortlessly. Our Social Media Launcher allows you to automate your gym's marketing strategies, create meaningfull content, and reaching more potential customers with less effort.

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Social Media Launcher

Automated Surveillance

GymPlus' automated surveillance tools provide enhanced security for your gym. With HD cameras offering live feed and playback, 14 days storage time, mobile application access, and a tailgating tracker, you can maintain peace of mind, knowing your gym is well-protected.

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HD Cameras
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Mobile Application
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Live Feed and Playback
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Tailgating Tracker
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14 Day Storage Time

How To Get It?


1. Select: Choose the Perfect Plan for Your Gym

With GymPlus, we offer customized plans tailored to the unique needs and stages of your fitness business. If you're starting out and need a reliable security camera system for your gym or fitness club, our Starter plan is perfect for you. Not only does it provide you with a secure and robust camera setup, but it also offers the potential to evolve into a smart gym as your business grows and thrives. When you're ready to leverage the power of data and elevate your fitness club to the next level, our Growth plan steps in. This package is all about digital tracking for gym equipment and fitness areas, equipping fitness managers with the tools to enhance member experience and optimize gym operations like never before. Lastly, for fitness operators ready to harness the full suite of AI-enhanced GymPlus tools, we offer the Professional plan. This is for the real trailblazers in the industry, adding capabilities to track and prevent tailgating, generate engaging content for social media channels, and much more. Choose the plan that propels your fitness business forward and embrace the future of fitness with GymPlus. And for those managing fitness club chains and desiring clear insights across all gym locations, we have designed the Enterprise plan. This solution empowers business owners and C-suite executives to lead with data, providing a comprehensive understanding of each gym's performance. With the Enterprise plan, you can strategically guide your fitness empire to unparalleled heights. Elevate your fitness business with GymPlus. Pricing is relative to the plan you choose but also the size of your gym.

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2. Order: Place your order through our secure online platform.

Acquiring GymPlus is a breeze. Once you've identified the plan that best aligns with your needs, you can place your order directly on our website or get in touch with our sales team. Typically, the service package encompasses all essential hardware such as video recorders, cameras, gateways, etc. If your gym already has a comprehensive security camera system, we can likely integrate it, resulting in a slightly lower monthly fee for you. If you prefer to utilize your existing cameras, please reach out to our sales team for assistance.


3. Install: Choose DIY or let us handle the setup.

Whether you're a hands-on manager who enjoys a bit of DIY, or you'd rather leave it to the experts, we've got you covered. You have the option to set up the system yourself, or you can let our skilled team take care of the installation, ensuring everything runs smoothly right from the start. We ensure a hassle-free setup by delivering preconfigured hardware right to your door. Installation is as simple as four steps: first, mount the cameras around the gym based on the camera plan; second, situate the video recorder and JOVIKO gateway with your existing network devices; third, connect the cameras to the video recorder using network cables; fourth, hook up the video recorder and JOVIKO gateway to the internet, then power them on. Following these steps, we'll verify everything is functioning optimally, ensuring you have a fully operational security camera system in place!


4. Onboard: Let us help you master GymPlus.

In this crucial stage, you'll transition towards data-informed gym management. First, delegate the task of entering all gym equipment into your GymPlus account to a team member - ideally your club manager or receptionist. Second, we'll oversee equipment mapping, ensuring all systems are operating flawlessly. Third, enhance your website by adding the GymPlus Availability plugin. In the final step, we'll delve into the intricacies of the chosen features with you and your team. This ensures you're equipped to incorporate these tools into your everyday operations.


5. Enjoy: Embark on your GymPlus journey.

With all preparations complete, it's time to reap the benefits of GymPlus. Simplify your gym management, elevate member experiences, and drive your profits upwards. Welcome to a new era of fitness club operations, where data-driven decisions empower your success.

Jump aboard the revolution today.

Unlock untapped potential in your fitness business with GymPlus. Are you ready for the leap?

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