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In Finland alone, roughly 1,000 gyms, each housing an average of 56 pieces of equipment, make the annual gym equipment market worth an estimated 112 million eur os. This thriving industry presents a plethora of opportunities for enterprises like yours to make a significant contribution.

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Finland | 2022

Market size

Total revenue in this market reaches 25 million euros per year, including both gym equipment sales and after-sales services. Among the key contributors, the top 10 companies have demonstrated notable success, with an average turnover of multiple million euros over the past three fiscal years.

As a GymPlus partner, you get to tap into this profitable market, unlocking abundant potential for your business. With our pioneering software and data-driven solutions, you can distinguish yourself from competitors and take your offerings to unprecedented levels.

At the European level,
the value of gym equipment in clubs
equals 6.8 billion euros.



Benefits for GymPlus Partners

  • How does GymPlus work?
    GymPlus uses image feeds from regular security cameras to provide utilization analytics and real-time visitor counters.
  • What are the benefits for gym owners?
    Take advantage of an everyday growing GymPlus database with thousands of equipment tracked and hundreds of millions of training minutes analyzed. Plan your next equipment investment with usage data from your gym. Avoid bad investments and save a lot of money. You are the king or queen of your business. Always know what happens at the gym - no matter where you physically are.
  • What are the benefits for gym members?
    Members may choose more convenient training times based on real-time visitor amounts. A less crowded gym provides them a hassle-free and faster workout. Easier to meet the customer's needs by simply seeing which parts of the gym are used and which are not. Higher member satisfaction and more positive reviews. Enjoy increased security - Members don’t need to worry about stolen mobiles, keys, or sneakers anymore.
  • What GymPlus can track?
    All gym equipment and areas can be tracked with GymPlus. Crosstrainers, stair climbers, selectorized, free weights, stretching areas - you name it! All manufacturers and equipment brands / models are supported.
  • Can GymPlus be used outside of Finland?
    Regardless of how much we love our home country, GymPlus is not restricted by the borders of our origin. Answer is YES!
  • Can existing cameras be used with GymPlus?
    We only need an RTSP stream from your video recorder to feed the GymPlus AI. If you don’t have cameras yet, we provide them too. Check out our Hardware installation video in YouTube (link)
  • Does it matter what equipment brands we have?
    No. We track them all.
  • Does it matter what club management system we have?
    No. We don't need to connect with your club management system.
  • Is GymPlus GDPR compliant?
    Yes. For 100 %, and been that since 2018.
  • Is the onboarding process for GymPlus burdensome?
    No. Check how easy it is from our Hardware installation video in YouTube (link).
  • How accurate is the visitor counter?
    We aim to deliver 90% accuracy on the detection.
  • The GymPlus Availability plugin didn't register my presence immediately
    The availability plugin has up to a five-minute delay on showing a detection due to the time needed for data transfer and data processing.
  • What does "Not using Equipment" on the GymPlus Availability plugin mean?
    The "Not using Equipment" includes detections which are not inside the preconfigured detection boxes such as those made for the gym equipment, stretching areas and so on.

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